How to build a cabinet for your HTPC

I have now finished the cabinet that I will use to conceal my new HTPC in the living room. We have not got enough space for a separate server room. I have given up on the idea to have a nice looking HTPC standing visible in the living room. Basically, only three things need to be visible:

1. The screen
2. The loudspeakers
3. The remote control

The HTPC, amplifiers, disks etc is not interesting to look at.

(Please note the large HTPC screen… LOL. The big screen went black the other day. We are currently waiting to find the perfect flat screen. For the computer itself, all side panels of the original cabinet are removed.)

So, our interior designer has made a nice suggestion for our living room. This suggestion includes a row of quadratic cabinets. I could not find any cabinets with the right measures in any of our furniture shops.

I wanted a cabinet of the following dimensions: 70x50x70 (WxDxH).

The solution is a heavily modified cabinet from IKEA.

1 IVAR cabinet, 80x50x83
1 BONDE door, 70×70
1 set of Capita legs
Some white paint

(Picture: Fantastic loudspeakers from Anthony Gallo. Custom built cabinet. Flowers. Firefly RF Remote. 2 TB of storage. A 15 year old 12 inch screen… What is wrong with this picture? :-)

Cut off 8 cm and 12 cm from the IVAR cabinet. Make new holes for the mounting screws. Put together, paint, mount the legs, mount the door and enjoy!

I have several of these cabinets and two of them is dedicated to the HTPC, hard drives, amplifiers etc. The cabinet with the HTPC is modified further for extra ventilation.

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