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How to install the Exhibit plugin in WordPress 1.5 on Dreamhost

It is a completely and utterly fantastic plugin for WordPress. It makes it extremely easy to upload pictures, make thumbnails, downscale and watermark. All from the standard WordPress web GUI in a very user friendly system.

It took some time before I could find the controls in the WEB-gui. I had to apply a fix for the way DreamHost run PHP. What you do is:

For Exhibit, you might find this useful (a user[1] contribution to Dreamhost’s really quite useful[2] KnowledgeBase)

In exhibit10.php, there is a block of code near the very beginning (line 46) that says:



Remove that whole block and replace it with:


Before I found that, I couldn’t get Exhibit to appear in the admin interface

[1] Not me – found it after much head-scratching and googling
[2] Understatement – it’s an excellent resource for DH users

In addition to this you have to do a fix for WordPress 1.5:

In the file “exhibit10.php”, around line 130, you should find this line:

$this->tableexhibit = $table_prefix . $this->exhibit_db_table;

I replaced this line with this:

$this->tableexhibit = “wp_exhibit”;

I found these fixes here:
And here:

The thumbnails at the top of this post are inserted using the Exhibit plugin.