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Biggest Flop of 2005: The Media Center PC

Jon Bøhmer just pointed me to this. I can’t let that one go without a comment. But, I’ll make it a short one.

1. Yes, I totally agree that the ugly, noisy, unstable and $1000 PC will not be a success in everyone’s living room

2. But this one can turn into a classic:

“…the vast majority of Americans will never — I will repeat that — never think of the PC as an entertainment device. The PC is for work and the TV is for relaxation. End of story.”

The media center is not about a noisy $1000 PC in your living room. It’s about an architecture that lets you access your media in a user friendly and convenient way. It’s about the fact that young people can not think of music, video and pictures that is stored anywhere else than on a computer or on a network. It’s about a platform that accepts content and services from flexible feeds and different content creators. It’s about the fact that the computer eventually will be more user friendly and convenient than loads of different boxes, cables, remotes and user manuals.

“The PC is for work and the TV is for relaxation.”

That is if you have a time machine that can drag you back to the ninties and let you stay there.