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Still in list-mode: the Media Center Blogs

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I just posted my current “10 important blogs” list. Because many of my readers come to this place for information about Media Center Technologies I just have to give them my top 10 Media Center blogs right now as well (please note that the list is sorted alphabetically, not by importance):

1. www.eirikso.com (of course)
2. Sean Alexander: Addicted to digital media
3. Chris Lanier
4. Digital Media Thoughts
5. eHomeUpgrade
6. Ian Dixon
7. Michael Creasy
8. Om Malik’s broadband blog
9. PVRWire
10. PVRBlog

And yes, www.eirikso.com is the only blog here that is not placed in the list alphabetically :-)

(…and where is Thomas Hawk on your media center blogs list? Well, he is already in my top 10 blogs list at the moment, so I haven’t placed him in the media center blogs list…)

Lists, lists, lists… I feel them coming. I have already promised to give you my “10 most important softwares” list. Now, I feel a “10 most important gadgets” list approaching as well… The beauty of a personal blog is the fact that I don’t have any deadlines. :-) But, these lists will be there, I promise.