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A blog in a printed paper – what’s next?

In my post about how abused the term “media center” is I mentioned that the biggest newspaper in Norway has a blog in their printed paper. And, they clearly states that the journalist writing the coloumn is a blogger.

It is amazing how technical terms is misproperly used by the same journalists that hypes stuff up into the skies. There is close to nothing in the definition of a blog that suggests that it is possible to have one in a printed paper. Who on earth are VG adressing when they call their coloumn a blog? The people that knows what a blog is shake their head and call VG stupid. And, how much sense does it make to call it a blog if you adress the people that doesn’t know what a blog is?

Beats me. And confuses the people that tries to learn what this new phenomenon is.

VG – How about adding a podcast to your printed paper as well?

…and then there is all the commercial companies that totally don’t get it as well.