BMW don’t get it

BMW should know better. I mean, they made What a fantastic project! Now, they’re out with a commercial for the new 1-series. A commercial starring Kermit the Frog.

A while ago I posted an article about the commercial because a friend of mine was the cinematographer. He posted an unofficial “making of”-movie on his web site. And, because Kermit the Frog has very expensive lawyers and because these expensive lawyers contacted the cinematographer and asked him to remove the “making of” it is now gone. The clip was filled with action and was alone a very good commercial for the new 1-series.

Right now I can see from my logs that I have huge amounts of traffic from the search engines from people searching for “bmw kermit” etc… People want the commercial. They want the “making of”. And BMW has not made it available for them.

Now, what’s the point of a commercial? A commercial that is successful to the point where people want to look at it is amazing. Not making it available is plain stupid.

When searching for “kermit” on the official BMW web site this is what I get:

Kermit Search

Come on BMW. Wake up. With BMWFilms you have proven that you understand the game. When you discovered the “making of” you should have responded with joy and immediately made it available on the official BMW site.

BMW is sleeping, but other people are not. You can get the commercial here. Until some expensive lawyers stop that site as well…

And yes, I can understand the the people with the rights to Kermit (Disney) will stop anything that BMW has not paid for. The problem is BMW not buying the rights in advance.

And by the way. If you don’t use any expensive frogs in your commercial you can publish it anyway and make huge success on the net:
Toxic Design Studio makes success with too controversial ad

Well, who cares. The “Making of” is up on YouTube anyway: The Making of BMW 1′er