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One year outside our window

One Year in Norway

For the last year I have been taking a picture out of our living room window at random intervals. I have found a place in the window where the framing is almost identical for each picture. My plan is of course to edit this into a short video that will morph through the year.

While working on it I made this index overview. Even that one looks quite nice. It starts with a picture taken in the beginning of January 2005 top left and ends up with a picture taken december 2005 down to the right.

Here’s the video:

You find more information about how i did this here.

The high definition version is now available here.

I will post back here when I have finished the video. My plan is also to publish all the pictures so that you creative people out there can experiment with them as well.

All hints on software that could help when putting the video together is appreciated. Use the comment feature on this post.

And here are four pictures that describe the four different seasons very well.

Been there, bought the T-shirt.

Seasons - T-shirt

I want to keep on providing strange little projects like this one. I have a truly excellent hosting with Dreamhost. It’s cheap but not free. So, here’s the deal. This probably extremely limited edition T-shirt will give me a couple of euros to use on hosting and domain registration: Eirikso T-Shirts

And what’s that other T-Shirt? The guy with a bag on his head? Well, that’s Bill the Hacker. A character from another very popular post here on

Yes I know. This is pathetic. “His blog got digged and now he starts selling T-shirts“. How awful. Don’t be afraid. will not turn into a big shop. Making a commercial site out of this one will take the fun out of it. Consider this an experiment.

And why the limited edition? That comes as a natrual result of the fact that only a very limited amount of very intelligent people are going to buy it!

Please comment if you want me to set up a US shop as well. :-)