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How to get video on to your iPod

iPod Video

The iPod with video playback is not the most impressive portable video player out there. Archos has devices that support both recording and more commonly used video formats. The lovely screen on the Playstation Portable is 16:9 and way better for video. Creative has a nice device as well…

However, the iPod is smaller, more portable, more sexy and something that I actually bring with me. Of course you won’t think of buying limited, low quality television shows from the iTunes Music Store when you can record them with no limitations in high quality for free. You just have to do a quick conversion to get them on to your sexy little player.

I’ll use a DVD as an example.

These are solutions for Windows only. Head over here for a Mac solution.

The free, but a bit slow method:

Convert Video to iPod

Rip the DVD with DVD Decrypter in IFO mode. Encode the movie to high quality Xvid using AutoGK. Transcode the Xvid to QuickTime H.264 using Videora iPod Converter.

Free. You also get a high quality Xvid Rip.

Slow. Not perfectly user friendly.

The around $30 and fast method:

Convert Video iPod 2

Buy and install PQ DVD to iPod Video Converter. Pop the DVD into the drive. Navigate to the movie and hit the “Record” button. Then PQ DVD to iPod Video Converter will convert the movie remarkably fast. This solution will also directly convert the DVR-MS files you record on your Windows Media Center Edition and a lot of other formats as well.

Fast and user friendly. Supports DVR-MS.


Not free.

This one looks promising: DVRBox (Thanks, Mark)
And, I am going to test the new CloneDVD Mobile from the excellent people at SlySoft.

And here is another one that looks promising: ConvertMovie

Pegasys had made another one: TMPG VideoSync