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What’s so special today then?

First of all, it’s my birthday. A friend of mine just told me that I had to post that on my blog, because otherwise nobody would know… (hmm, time to get a life?) Well – now you know!

Second, today will pass 400 000 pageloads since I installed Statcounter.

Third, over the past couple of days I have upgraded to WordPress 2.0 and done some small changes to the site:
- added a new “About this site” page with links to all the WordPress plugins I use and a couple of other things
– added a “popular content” page with links to… popular content.
– added an RSS and subscriptions page with all the links you need to subscribe to this blog in any RSS reader or by mail

…and a couple of other small changes.

Have fun and please don’t hesitate to contact me with suggestions for the site, the content, a way to celebrate my birthday or whatever… Comments are open.