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Problem with Bloglines and PNG

Bloglines problem with PNG
The problem is not PNG. As stated in the comment from Ben Lowery it is a CSS issue. I am truly impressed by the fact that the good people at Bloglines actually found this post on my blog, read it as a bug report and actually fix the problem. Now that is what I call customer support!

Original post
I have quite a bit of readers subscribing to this blog through Bloglines. It seems like Bloglines has a problem when displaying pictures in the PNG format. All the slides in my previous post turns up with a very wrong aspect. I have changed the files to JPG and will keep using JPG in the future to avoid this annoying problem.

And while I am at it. I really recommend you to subscribe to my feed. I am not updating this blog daily, so checking back all the time to look for something new can be a bit boring.

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