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The convergence that makes things difficult

The next chapter from my presentation at the Nordic Media Festival. You find the rest of the chapters here.

Better quality

People have been talking about the convergence of devices for a long time. And if everything is melting together into one universal device this sounds like something that will be very easy to handle. Problem is that this is not the case. The convergence leads to an abundance of devices that can be used to recieve rich media like video and sound. The computer is turning into a video recorder. The mobile phone is turning into a media device. The TV is turning into a computer. And so on.

Better quality

This leads to huge amounts of new user situations. Broadcasters have to face the fact that people will watch their program in new settings. At work. On the go. At new times. In a foreign country. At their hotel room. While travelling.

Better quality

And then you have these young people that are able to do several things simultaneously. They surf the web while watching the TV. And I must admit that the illustration here is kind of old school. I have a remote in my hand in the picture. It should have been my Nokia. A browser, the TV, messenger, skype and the mobile for sending and recieving SMS. All at the same time.

The broadcast industry should start taking this serious. Do tests with synchronized interactivity on the net during a television program. Behind the scenes. Extra information. I must admit it. On several occations I have used IMDB during a movie to find extra information. Now start exploring this possibility.

And, did anyone question my headline “…that makes things difficult“? I hear that way too often. How on earth could hundreds of new devices for playing content make problems? For the broadcaster that has any tiny bit of foresight this is no problem. This is one huge possibility. The surface where you can show your content just quadroupled.

It’s like an airliner that suddenly got huge amounts of new planes, helicopters and space shuttles for free. Not difficult. Not a problem. Slightly challenging, but loads of fun and opportunities.

What’s next?
In the next chapter from my presentation we will revisit my one year old cartoon about Bob the Millionaire and have a look at what the industry has done to meet that absurd situation.