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Eirikso at EBU Connect in Croatia

EBU Connect
I am going to speak at EBU Connect 2006.

Dubrovnik, Croatia

HRT, Croatia

7 to 10 June 2006 , including arrival and departure. The conference dates are June 8 and 9.

English and French

My session will be at 11:15 thursday 8.

From the programme:

How will portable media players, mobile phones, broadband and media centers change the way we use media? Some devices are alreday way beyond the phase of being “technical gadgets for the geeks”. New markets have developed. Still, it’s interesting to have a look at what the advanced users are doing and outline some of the biggest challenges for the broadcasters. Mr. Solheim will present his thoughts without boring bullet points, advanced tables and difficult charts. Welcome to a peek into the future that is right here now.