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YouTube or Google Video?

First, an apology to my RSS subscribers. Unfortunately, articles from this blog get published again if I change them. Recently I have done some experiments where I change the hosting of some of my videos to Google Video from YouTube. All the articles that have been modified will then show up as new in many RSS-readers. Sorry for the inconvenience.

So for my little experiment. I have posted a couple of videos lately, and have been using YouTube to host them. I have also been playing around with Google Video, and here is a quick round-up:

– Low quality on videos
– Big community and lots of possible viewers even without links from a blog or web page
– Very nice with trackbacks so you can see who is linking to your videos
– Counter that shows how many times the video has been played
– Web based uploader with good feedback on progress

– Better quality than YouTube
– In general less traffic and smaller chances for people discovering your video unless you link to it from your blog
– Possibilities for selling videos
– Possible to let people download your video as well
– Web based uploader with limited feedback on progress
– Desktop based uploader available

If you have any comments on what you prefer please contact me or comment directly here.

Here is an example of the same video, hosted on GoogleVideo and on YouTube:

Human Drums, on GoogleVideoHuman Drums, on YouTube

And here is the same video on Revver: