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Kjøpe en iPod Nano

…and what kind of horrible typo is this headline then? It’s Norwegian and translates into “Buying an iPod Nano”.

This article is a short rant and an important experiment. The Norwegian headline is part of the experient. More on that later.

First a rant about something that I guess most of my readers have experienced. Horrible errors in marketing material from retailers of consumer electronics. This example is only what I found after two minutes with an ad that came with our newspaper today. There are so many examples that I have played around with an idea of a dedicated blog on these issues.

Have a look at this one.


An iPod Nano with a hard drive. That’s truly exceptional. When I go to Apple’s spec page for the Nano the very first line of facts tells me that the Nano has flash based memory:

Hard drive or flash memory is a pretty significant detail about an MP3 player. Apparently not for Lefdal, the Norwegian retailer that keeps telling me that the Nano has a hard drive…

I actually read the marketing material from these shops. Best Buy, Circuit City, CompUSA etc… In Norway they’re called Elkjøp, Lefdal, Bonus etc…

It’s one of my strange hobbies and it’s part of my job to be fairly updated on what’s available for the average media consumer. The products and the prices.

But unfortunately I know too much about these products and end up thinking that these guys have to be inaccurate morons. The amount of errors and plain lies are simply sad.

Then, actually entering one of the shops asking questions to the staff is even worse.

Or am I the only one with this experience?

The important experiment

I am going to do a presentation for the Consumer Electronics Trade Foundation in Norway later this autumn. I am going to talk about big changes in the media industry. And about how blogging is changing the way they should communicate with their customers.

If this article on ends up with a high ranking in Google it will be a good example. I can stay on that stage and search for where to buy an iPod Nano, or “kjøpe en iPod Nano” in Google. And show them that an article that says that they’re all morons hits better than their own shops.

So, if you have a blog and a story about bad service or inaccurate marketing material from these kinds of shops then please write about it and link to this story as well. If possible let “kjøpe en iPod Nano” be the link itself…

Comment here as well, and I’ll update this post with a link back to you.

So far so good. I learn a lot from this experiment.
1. People in general agree on the fact that consumer electronics advertising is inaccurate and frustrating
2. Links really do boost google ranking: Kjøpe en iPod Nano
3. I look forward to my presentation for the Consumer Electronics Trade Foundation
4. I need to talk to Espen Andersen about Google optimization. His article that is linking to mine hits above mine! :-)

Right now there’s quite a bit of traffic from ITpro. In addition to this loRdx, Mr. Sandvik, Tove, Sonitus and Anarkistix have been kind enough to link.

Links are ticking in. Espen Andersen is mentioning the iPod Nano Redux on his english blog Applied Abstractions. Because this post is mostly about lousy marketing you should have a look at his example regarding excellent customer support.

Espen links from his norwegian blog as well. If you are fortunate enough to manage the strange language of Norwegian you can have fun with this little story about Innovisjon AS.

Technorati tells me that links are ticking in from Henrik and Ole Bruseth as well. Both blogs in Norwegian. In my opinion Mr. Bruseths blog has the best name of a Norwegian blog ever. “Overstadig Bruseth”. And here I have to give a sincere apology to the 85% of my readers that don’t understand Norwegian.