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Understanding a new channel

NBC have been distributing trailers on YouTube for a while. Mostly trailers that they also run on traditional TV. Then, they get some negative comments about being commercial in a medium like YouTube.

It’s of course possible to simply put traditional videos on YouTube, and even have great success doing so. If the content is good you have the possibility to reach huge amounts of viewers.

However, the interesting stuff happens when you really use this new medium. Lonelygirl15 is an example of something that we’ll see more of. Using traditional story telling, but in a typical YouTube wrapping and form.

It’s the same old story. “Oh, we invented TV. Let’s take some radio presenters and put them in front of a camera”… And 20 years later this new medium of television has evolved.

Maybe we don’t need 20 years this time. NBC gets the message and produce this excelent promo, only for YouTube.

Link to video.

The trailers from NBC on YouTube have resulted in more than 6 million views in total so far. The most popular is the exclusives, previews and of course this one.

(Thanks, Linn)