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Helpful clues for the media industry


Okay, Doc Searls calls it helpful clues for the newspapers, but on the internet there isn’t that much of a difference anymore. So these clues are important for any media company that want success on the web. If you are going to follow one link today, visit Doc!

Eighth, uncomplicate your webistes. I can’t find a single newspaper that doesn’t have a slow-loading, hard-to-navigate, crapped-up home page. These things are aversive, confusing and often useless beyond endurance. Simplify the damn things. Quit trying to “drive traffic” into a maze where every link leads to another route through of the same mess. You have readers trying to learn something, not cars looking for places to park.

Now, if you add Doc’s clues for radio as well you have something to think about over the weekend.

(Via Buzzmachine)