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Gmail on you mobile

Nokia N80

First, if you don’t use gmail you should really consider starting. It’s the best web based mail this planet has seen so far. On my computer at home I don’t use anything else. I didn’t even bother to install Outlook or anything similar the last time I cleaned up the box.

If you need an invite send me an email to eirikso at gmail dot com. The 50 first will get one. Or, simply google “gmail invite”…

So, you’re using gmail and you have a Symbian phone. Like the Nokia N80 or N73 one of the 300 supported java enabeled phones. And you want a nice interface for your gmail account. Then simply point the browser in your phone to “” and install.

A very nice application to read your gmail on the phone. Only one (big) disappointment so far: you can’t attach anything when you send mails from this client. This is something that Google needs to fix!

A quick note: the phone in the picture is a Nokia N80. The picture itself is taken with my Nokia N73. Click the image to see the high resolution version.