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Zcubes – do it all in your browser

I have been playing around with Zcubes for a couple of minutes. It’s in beta. It’s quite slow and it looks ugly. But, this baby lets you do quite a lot within the browser. At this point only Explorer 5.5 and above. So, if you’re in Explorer you can go directly to a test page here.

Or, read more about it over at Read/Write Web:

In terms of using ZCubes, the idea is that it allows users to create “experiences” – ranging from the creation of personal pages, greeting cards, posters, portals, research/academic papers and more. Making these experiences easy to use is also key, as noted in a recent ZCubes blog post – e.g. providing simple drag-drop based utilities.

ZCubes: Trying to “Do It All” on the Web