How to..., iPod

How to remove scratches from your iPod

Or at least: how to remove some scratches from your iPod.

I have never bothered to protect my iPod with loads of covers and stuff. I have the device because I want to use it and it is just too much of a hassle if I have to remove covers and stuff from the iPod every time I want to dock it in the car or at home.

So it ends up with a lot of scratches. No big deal. They’re very visible in certain kinds of light but not really a problem when using the iPod. Still, when I found a product called Displex Display Polish in my local gadget store I just had to try it out on my seriously damaged iPod.

The process is simple. Cover the parts that you don’t want to polish. Add some white polishing paste and start polishing.

Start with an old iPod. Add tape to the part that you don’t want to polish.

Mark the tape with the details.

Remove the tape and trim it.

Add the tape in the right place.

Now add some polish and start the hard work. You actually need to do some work here. Polish, add more, polish some more etc.. I guess the end result is pretty dependent on the work you do here.

After finishing you clean the surface with a soft cloth and enjoy the result.



As you can see. The stuff did not remove all scratches, but my iPod is absolutely better! If I spent the evening polishing I guess I would get an even better result. You can get the display polish on Amazon, or if you happen to live in Norway your best friend would (as always) be Clas Ohlson.