My presentation from Mediaforum today

It was an honour to be asked back to Mediaforum (Norwegian site) “by popular demand” after my presentation at Lillehammer last autumn. I had a great time at the conference today and enjoyed all the very high quality speakers. Yes, all of them was very interesting and especially former lead design anthropologist at Microsoft, Anne Kirah from 180academy had a lot of interesting thoughts to share. I was fortunate enough to be able to spend some time with her in the bar after the conference. Enthusiastic, intelligent and interesting indeed!

Because I have a presentation style where I use the slides to illustrate what I say it is pretty useless for me to simply share a presentation in form of the slides only. But people keeps asking, so here it is. Could work as a repitition for the people that attended.

I was quite happy with the result after doing my own performance. It’s a presentation that I haven’t given before, so I was impressed when I clocked in at 24 minutes (I had 25 minutes to give the presentation and when running a presentation for the first time it is always difficult to know exactly how much time I’m going to use).

I am experimenting with SlideShare, so here is a link to my presentation. Above you find it embedded in this post as well. As long as I don’t make a special version of my presentation for SlideShare it is quite useless. They should add the possibility to read a voiceover on the presentations I have published. That would give me a true possibility to share the presentation. But hey, they’re named SlideShare and not PresnetationShare. Garr Reynolds have some interesting thoughts on this service as well.

Bonus links: Seth Godin points me to one of the worst powerpoints ever. But I still think this one is the winner.