Heinrich Stammler, nrk, YouTube

The controversy around Heinrich Stammler

A while ago the NRK released a video on YouTube featuring an animated german trance artist. It’s a part of an animated TV talkshow that will air in Norway this autumn. A part of the humor is that all the characters are dressed like Donald Duck. Meaning that they have no trousers…

Link to video.

The video was featured on the front page of YouTube and got more than 33 000 views. But the american audience found it utterly disturbing, creepy and inappropriate. So, after a while enough users flagged it and it’s now behind the login wall. Very interesting that the good old Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation is more controversial than the general YouTube audience. This stuff will be aired on national television.

So, some people agree that this is kind of silly. Neodorian has a very valid video answer to the discussion:

Link to video.

Then, the fantastic people here at the NRK making the original video got Mr. Stammler back into the studio where he recorded a YouTube response himself:

Link to video.

I think this is an excellent example of how to utilize these new distribution methods and handling the fact that this is a world where you don’t have full control.