Best WLAN name ever

Today I decided to do a quick experiment. I’m on board the business class on a train bound for Göteborg. And as usual I have my trusted Huawei MiFi to give me internet access. With the recent fuzz around Firesheep I decided to do a quick test.

I renamed the SSID on my MiFi to “Free WiFi” and turned off the encryption. Launched Firesheep and waited. After less than fifteen minutes I had a Facebook account that I could log on to. On the status page from the MiFi I could see that I had three computers connected.

After a while I had another Facebook account I could log on to. But I just wanted my point proven. So I decided to stop and change the SSID again. This time I called my network “I will hack you with firesheep”. For some strange kind of reason nobody logged on to that one…

My headline is not correct. The best WLAN name ever is the last one in this list: Hilarious wifi network names