Huge interest for my new website

I am very happy to announce that very interesting people find my new website facinating. Here is a list of some people that has written about it lately:

John Battelle
Seth Godin
Ewan Williams
Peter Davidson
The Centered Librarian
BidOptima Blog

It is a big motivation to see that people find my experiment interesting. I am working hard to keep the system running, and have done some major improvements on stability, backup routines and performance. I hope that I manage to keep the site open for new words so that everybody can benefit from my little hack.

Huge interest for my new website

How to include a trendmap in your sidebar

Add a thumbnail of the trendmap
First, go to the page with the trendmap you want. An example:
Trendmap for

You find the complete list of trendmaps here.

Then click the link: “- Go to code examples for this chart – “

Then open the template for your sidebar. For WordPress 1.5 that is:

Insert the code for “Code to add a thumbnail of the trendmap for…” from the code example page.

Eirikso badge

…or you can insert a badge with a link to the trendmap. Simply insert the “Code to add a trendmap badge with a link to the trendmap for…” from the code example page.

How to include a trendmap in your sidebar

Introducing trendmapper

I have made a hack that makes it possible for me to track the amount of hits for different search phrases over time. The system is open so that people from all over the world can add new phrases. It seems like it is becoming more popular than I imagined when I made it so this is starting to get interesting.

Check out trendmapper here.

Introducing trendmapper

A new banner…

I have added a new banner to the list of random banners.

TV Problem

It is based on an illutration I made for an article I wrote back in 1998 about the days when the computer industry will completely control your TV. I have used this illustration in countless presentations, and it is now more descriptive than ever…

In my home, I have choosen to let the computer industry control my TV. And, from time to time the person in the illustration could most likely be one of our family members. This is still new technology, and at some points I actually have to reboot my telly. Time will show when the systems are stable enough for people that are less used to bugs and crashes than we are.

A new banner…

How to remote control your music collection from your PDA, laptop, meedio etc…

To be able to control my music collection from all the devices in my house I have set up NetRemote. It works very well towards J. River Media Center that I use to manage my music collection. In addition to this, there is a J River Plugin for Meedio, so my TV Screen will always be updated with what I am playing, and I can always change music with the remote in my living room.

To the right you can see the remote I use most of the time. My good old HP Jornada PDA. It has been upgraded with a WLAN CF-Card and works very well.

I am running the client on my laptop, my desktops and the touch screen in the kitchen. All the screens updates live if I change music from one of the devices.

Touch Screen Netremote

And, last but not least – Meedio, controlled by a Snapstream Firefly remote from the couch.

To make the point clear: I use NetRemote to control what is playing in my living room. In our flat the living room is the hub of the home, so it actually makes sense to control the music playing there from my laptop sitting at the balcony or while making food in the kitchen.

Still, the main functionallity is the ability to control my music collection without having to turn on the television screen.

When I want to listen to music in another room or at a completely different location I use Slimserver to recompress, stream and control the music at that location.

How to remote control your music collection from your PDA, laptop, meedio etc…