And I thought a banned video from Norway was interesting

John Battelle: Now playing on Google: Matrix Revolutions

…for how many minutes?

Not many minutes… It has now been removed and the link suddenly goes to a general page whith a search for “matrix”. Lucky enough I captured the screen shot in this post while it was still available.

Banned video on Google
Google Video update
Google Video and Media Center Edition

And I thought a banned video from Norway was interesting

Now this is scary!

Ed Bott: Microsoft to buy Claria?. “The company that Microsoft has pursued is controversial: Claria, an adware marketer formerly called Gator”

Gator, the mother of all horribly intrusive marketing tools. And Microsoft consider to buy it!?

This is hit number one if you do a search for “gator” in Google:
PC Hell: Gator Removal Instructions

Ed Bott deserves to be quoted:
“What is Microsoft thinking? This deal would be a P.R. disaster. The only way it makes sense is if Microsoft buys the company, fires everyone involved with it, has their buildings exorcised, and rewrites every line of code in their product.”

I need my media center! But somwhere I draw the line. Apple, where are you? Where is the Apple Media Center? Crap! It’s not there. Linux and MythTV here I come…

Now this is scary!

Groovy art installation

BoingBoing pointed me to this German company selling groovy reproductions of 1970s-era wallpaper. My brain works quite visually and told me that I had seen something similar before. In Helsinki, Finland… At an art exibition… Hmm…
So I flipped through my pictures in Adobe Photoshop Album. And actually found the picture I was looking for. An equally groovy installation of psycedelic patterns and loudspeakers and microphones. Everything connected so the patterns got a very strange accompanying sound made entirely by feedback from the microphones and amplifiers.

Maybe they bought the wallpaper in Germany?

Groovy art installation

Banned video on Google

I recently posted some thoughts on the fact that Google Video just released their own video plugin. So of course I had to download it and try it out.

My first impression:
– At this point only available for windows
– Easy to install
– Very basic functionallity:
a) The videos play directly in the browser
b) You can click the video for fullscreen

Huge amounts of the videos are not available for playback yet. I guess it is due to the non existent payment system.

However, as mentioned in my previous article I do not think that this is going to be a success before Google adds an interface that fits into a more traditional setting for use of video content. In other words, a frontend for the different media center systems out there.

A video banned by the Norwegian government
While browsing around the videos I searched for the keyword “Norway” and deep down I suddenly found a music video by a Norwegian rap group called “Gatas parlament” (The parliament of the streets). From the description of the video at Google:

Protesting U.S. foreign policy, the Norwegian rap group Gatas Parlament created this video entitled “Kill Him Now.” Under pressure from the U.S., this was banned by the Norwegian government who claim that the video advocates direct violent action against President Bush, rather than peaceful protest. Consequently, it’s become a major free speech issue in Norway.

It says in the text that this is a subtitled version. But it is not. I don’t know if this is due to some kind of censorship from Google. If you want to see the subtitled version it can be found over here.

Interesting technology this internet thing. A video banned in Norway due to pressure from the US government now available to millions directly from an American company…

Banned video on Google

So what’s happening?

For those of you subscribing to my RSS-feed you might have discovered a post that was posted and then deleted. I am sorry for the confusion. I am experimenting with the possibility of people guest-blogging to

I thought that letting people mail my blog through Flickr was a good idea. Maybe not. I will resolve this shortly and let you all know when I am ready to let some of my friends post to my blog and expand the content on

Sorry for the confusion. Now, that I have quite a bit of readers on I will put up a testblog to be able to test new improvements before I put them live.

So what’s happening?

Google Video and Media Center Edition

Now, I have some suggestions on this one! John Battelle just announced that Google will launch an in-browser video playback feature based on the open source VLC media player. That should be very interesting for both content creators and the people making media center software.

Google have some plans
They have already launched their video search function and made available a video upload function. They are working on a payment system and now they will announce a player. According to John Battelle they will also include their player in the open source program called Google Code. In other words, the system will be open for people to make all kinds of players and boxes utilizing the content that builds up in the Google video archives. That will also lead to systems that can read video from both Google and other video distribution systems.

Considering the way a media center has accelerated my use of high quality video from my computer, a media center front end to Google Video would be very interesting. Because of Google’s open approach, I guess someone will make that kind of frontend for Google Video quite fast. Including a plugin for Microsoft’s Media Center Edition.

VLC Media Player is by far the most platform independent media player out there. The only problem is the fact that it could seem slightly difficult to set up and the GUI itself a bit too complicated for the average user. A version from Google could fix this. Use the very powerful core in the VLC Player and build a user friendly interface on top of it.

The fact that the VLC player is platform independent should also make it very interesting for large content producers and public broadcasters. Quite a bit of the dedicated set top boxes for TV out there run Lunix as the operating system. To make a frontend for Google Video on a cheap set top box seems to be an interesting option as well.

But what about content?
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Google Video and Media Center Edition