Several versions of the Apple TV?

It is quite obvious that Apple at some point will provide several versions of the AppleTV. But they haven’t announced it. Still the apple store gives a clue.

Let’s take the AirPort Extreme as an example. It is a product sold in only one version and it is presented like this in the store:


“Airport Extreme Base Station” at the top of the page. Simply “Add to cart” on the button. However, all the products that have several versions for sale are presented with another template:


“Select your Mac mini” at the top of the page and “select” on the button. And how about the Apple TV?


“Select your Apple TV” but “Add to cart” on the button. Let me see. Should I select the one with 40 GIG disk or the one with 40 GIG disk?

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Several versions of the Apple TV?

AppleTV in da house

AppleTV in the box

My AppleTV box arrived today. As a media center and HTPC freak it is pretty mandatory to give this box a try. I guess I’ll be back here with more info as I try it out. My first impression is very positive. The box is quite limited compared to other similar solutions, but the stuff that this box actually does is done very, very well. If you want music, movies, podcasts and images from your computer to your TV screen and the stereo in you living room this is the only box I have tried that I can recommend to non geeks.

At this point it’s not a complete home theatre solution. No traditional live TV support (recording and PVR functionallity) and no DVD, BlueRay or HD DVD player. Traditional live TV and media files on plastic disks are already pretty old school, but it’ll stick around for still a couple of years.

AppleTV in the box

AppleTV will be something that you have in addition to some sort of PVR. Of course, there are rumors of an upcoming TV tuner for the AppleTV, but nothing yet. The rumors build on the fact that a company called Miglia have done some strange moves lately and have had meetings with Apple. In addition to this hackers have found some scripts called “New Audio Capture” and “New Video Capture” in the files on the AppleTV…

Because I had ordered a box I have been following the AppleTV scene on the internet for the last week. Interesting stuff. It was opened and modified only hours after people started recieving them. In other words, hackers are hard at work adding stuff they miss. I have also found some detailed answers to the question about 5.1 surround sound from the AppleTV.

So far I can say that the box was extremely simple to set up, works well, looks good and is easy and intuitive to use. More on AppleTV later!

Apple TV connected

AppleTV in da house

LinuxMCE looks promising


LinuxMCE for Ubuntu looks promising, but ugly. I haven’t had the time to try it out yet. They have made a video comparing it to Windows MCE. If you ask me, they should have focused on showing the demo of LinuxMCE and dropped the so called comparison. At first glance it looks interesting but way too ugly and complicated for the average user. I’ll have to try it out to be able to give some qualified thoughts.

Now, if they could give me a complete distribution with Ubuntu + LinuxMCE + drivers on a DVD that I could pop into a MacMini and have it up and running in a matter of minutes…

Until then, you can have a look at their demo.

Link to video. Link to project page.

LinuxMCE looks promising

A quick story on music marketing

It’s sunday evening and I am sitting here, making a presentation for Microsoft(!). While listening to Silversun Pickups. Because Mike Arrington broke copyright law and wrote this. So I learned about this excellent band. More than 300 000 people subscribe to Mr. Arrington’s feed. And here is Techcrunch compared to MTV. But that’s on the internet. And MTV has a huge network of television channels. And MTV don’t want to reach me, they want to reach young pleople. I’m 36. Rock on!

I planned to end the post there, but people that don’t know me would think that I actually mean that a band would reach a young, record buying audience by being on MTV. Think again. Please. Young people don’t buy music. And young people don’t watch TV. Actually, being on Techcrunch is pretty darn good marketing.

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A quick story on music marketing

Google Body

Today I did a presentation at a marketing conference here in Oslo. I was speaking after Mr. Jan Grønbech, the country manager at Google Norway. While chatting with him before our presentations he told me about two Google products that I didn’t know of. Google Mars and Google Moon. How cool is that?

Picture 10

Of course they’re of limited use, but way cool. However those services reminded me of an excellent suggestion from Mr. M. over at the Pappmaskin. An idea about Google making a Google Body:

There should be a Google Earth and a Google Map for the body, where you could rotate and navigate the human body in 3d, and zoom in, but instead of stopping on the surface, the zoom should continue through the skin, so that you could look on all the different layers, organs etc.

I told Mr. Grønbech about this and he couldn’t hide the fact that he also found the thought interesting. So, who knows? Maybe we’ll see Google Body one day?

Google Body