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All my invites have now been passed out to the people linking (see the comments). So, keep an eye on this blog and I’ll let you know when I have some more.

I have recieved some more Joost invites. First come, first served.

Here are the rules:

1. Write an article on your blog with a link to Then write a comment here on this post with a link to the article on your blog. IMPORTANT: Use the email that you want the invite sent to when you comment here.

2. It has to be a blog or website that you have had running for a while. People creating a blog just to be able to post one article and link to eirikso will not qualify.

Joost Invites

Prom Queen is on and Mike Arrington is hooked
Online Videos by

Link to the first episode.

Michael Eisner is behind this 80 episode internet only show. Produced for $100 000,- and financed through commercials and product placement. Internet guru Arrington likes it. More details here and here.

And what do I think? I like the idea and I think we’ll see more of this. But right now I am shocked by the fact that these guys don’t know how to encode video. It seems like they’ve done the most obvious error in the book. They didn’t deinterlace the first episode. Causing nice little jaggies all the way through.

Picture 5

I’ll be back later with more thoughts. Right now this was an excuse to tell you about interlacing and deinterlacing. 🙂

Prom Queen is on and Mike Arrington is hooked

Supermarket 2.0

Picture 3
This is the long tail of comedy. The 0.00001% that find this funny will find it very funny. And the rest will find it utterly boring. I found it funny. Not because of the actors or the production itself. But because of the geeky content. A completely Web 2.0 compliant supermarket. Tags on everything, apples, comments around the shop and of course RSS feeds for the eggs… Link to video.

(Via BoingBoing)

Supermarket 2.0

Seems like DRM is dying

EMI logo London
EMI to offer DRM free high quality music for sale.

From the press release:

EMI Music launches DRM-free superior sound quality downloads across its entire digital repertoire. Apple’s iTunes store to be the first online music store to sell EMI’s new downloads.

As most of my regular readers know I don’t like DRM so this is good news. Very good news. Now, will this spread to the other big record companies? Will this influence new efforts like Amie Street and Sellaband? What about eMusic?

And, what about the television industry and hollywood? And that Vista slow suicide?

Seems like DRM free video downloads still is something that companies like Streamburst will have to take care of. From the Engadget live coverage of the Q&A at the EMI press conference:

Q: Will DRM now be removed from videos such as Disney’s where Steve has a say.
Steve: I knew I was going to get that question today. Video is different, they never distributed 90% of their wares DRM free like music companies. So he doesn’t hold the two in parallel.

The next couple of weeks will be interesting.

Seems like DRM is dying