Blogres in Ljubljana

(Image by Kim Erlandsen)

A while ago I was invited to do the keynote presentation for the national blog conference in Slovenia, Blogres. I am honored and of course I will use this opportunity to meet some interesting people, see the beautiful country of Slovenia and have fun with the challenge of making a very interesting presentation for the conference. See you in Ljubljana on saturday! 🙂

The official english page for the event is here.

Blogres in Ljubljana

Redesign and new host

As far as I remember I have been talking about this in some articles and comments here on for a long time. I have been running my blog since 2003. The oldest post in this one is from february 2004, but that’s because of a change from to Movabletype back then. For the last couple of years I have been running WordPress on Dreamhost. I am very happy with WordPress but not completely happy with Dreamhost. They’re quite slow and the uptime is simply not good enough. And, the last time I was on the front page of my site went down.

Over the years the template I am running (a version of the default Kubrick theme) and the whole site has gathered some errors and instabilities. Doing som serious spring cleaning takes time. But at some point it has to be done.

So, here we go. I am trying out A2 Hosting, Inc.. I am currently building a framework for my site over at A2. You can follow my progress and experiments here. The utterly talented Henrik Lied is helping out with some CSS magic and coding. The theme we have chosen to use as a basis is Recycled Canvas. When I think that everything works over at the new host I will change the DNS to direct the traffic over there. I will announce that here. So, feel free to comment and play around here as usual.

Redesign and new host

Extending your reach

Sony Camera and Cokin add on lenses

I just bought some new lenses for my Canon 400D to extend the reach and creative possibilities. So, I decided to go through a couple of possibilities when it comes to optics.

First out is my old Sony DSC-P150. It has a 3 x zoom and years ago I extended the possibilities by adding two small extra lenses from Cokin. Not very high quality optics, but better than expected and, in good conditions, quite acceptable.

You use them by adding a small metal ring on the camera. The lenses have powerful magnets at one end. That way you can snap them easily on and off.

Sony with wide angle add on lens

Here are a couple of test shots taken in very bad conditions through my famous living room window.

Sony DSC-P150 Full Wide with 0.5x extender
Here you have the DSC-P150 with the 0.5 extra wide angle.

Sony DSC-P150 Full Wide
This is the DSC-P150 at standard full wide angle.

Sony DSC-P150 Full Tele
And the standard full tele…

Sony DSC-P150 Full Tele with 2x extender
…compared to the full tele + 2x extender.

In my next post I will show you another way to extend the reach: buy another camera. The Canon S2 IS. A compact with so called super zoom. Then, I’ll show you what the new lenses for my 400D can do…

Extending your reach