Entering holiday mode

Actually, I’ve been running in holiday mode for two days already. Don’t expect too much here on eirikso the next couple of days.

Today we went out buying our traditional Christmas three. Cold, crispy, frosty and fantastic light in the Gustav Vigeland Sculpture Park. I live near by this park and have the privilege of seeing it in all kinds of weather, seasons and light conditions. I must admit that this one is my favourite. The statues really come to life with such light and the cold layer of frost and ice.

Click through to the gallery here. Have a merry Christmas and see you here in a couple of days!

Entering holiday mode

Video fun: the truth in advertising

This post has some videos embedded. If you read this in an email update or your RSS feed reader the videos might not show up. In that case you’ll have to click through to eirikso.com to see them.

(Image: Coca Cola advertising in Romania)

I’ve been working several years within the professional consulting business. Going to endless meetings discussing projects, marketing, design, business plans and you name it. Sometimes you sit there wishing you could say your raw and true thoughts, but you can’t. You have the client in there. You have the boss in there. Etc. But in fiction you can. This video has been out there for two years, but I guess some of you haven’t seen it.

The Truth in Advertising. If you have been working as a business consultant or within marketing it’s worth the 12 minutes. This is what happens if people say the truth. You have the whole cast in here. The boss that has no clue and only wants to add some fear. The creatives that only want to win an award. The lousy director that really wants to do something else but needs his house renovated and so on. Have fun.

You find a low quality 3 minute excerpt here as well. And another similar video called The Truth in ad sales is also on the tube.

These videos illustrate the consulting and marketing business like they’ve always been. But there are big changes going on regarding the relationship between the advertiser and the consumer. Fredrik Hallberg pointed me to this video some months ago and I think it illustrates parts of that change very well.

Video fun: the truth in advertising

Never bored – Part 2

I wasn’t bored at the Zurich airport, and as you already know I found some entertainment in Frankfurt as well. In addition to the band and the CEO of the whole airport I just had to shoot the tunnel between terminals A and B.

A fantastic place for a 10mm super wide angle. I traveled alone, so to put a person in the image I had to use myself. And when leaving the camera on the floor, walking down the hall to let the timer shoot an image some of the other people in the tunnel started looking pretty suspicious.

But I managed to shoot a couple of nice images without being bothered by security. And apparently I am not the only one finding this spot interesting.

Never bored – Part 2

Some advice for building a web site – 2007

To some extent I am repeating myself, but I just had to get this down. The web is evolving and rules change. Both for the the people using the web and for the people publishing. First, consider these four words, describing a couple of things that are important (click the words to get the full story behind them):

Make it available and remember the long tail.

Communication channel. Not only a distribution channel.

Metadata, tags, RSS, widgets and descriptions.

Give the users control.

Then focus on keeping things simple and spend huge amounts of money on getting the usability right.

Then build your site using as much off-the-shelf software as possible. And remember that there are a lot of free, open source solutions that are very solid systems. A standard LAMP (Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP) or something similar as the basis. Consider publishing systems like WordPress and Drupal. Frameworks like Ruby on rails and Django. For media publishing consider professional solutions like Brightcove, vpod.tv, kyte.tv, Blip.tv etc. And don’t be afraid to integrate with well proven sites like Flickr for images, del.icio.us for tagging, YouTube for video etc.

When you are making that system that lets your audience get some control you might have to build an API for them. Why not start with the API and build the initial system using that yourself?

Yes, I know. This isn’t the definitive guide to build a killer web site, please feel free to add your best advice in the comments.

Some advice for building a web site – 2007

Frankfurt Airport Concert – need some help…

On my way back from Bucharest I had a connection in Frankfurt and when arriving at the airport something was happening there. Huge crowds and a band playing. I always bring my camera and had about two hours to kill before my flight to Oslo. So I decided to snap some images of the band.

And while standing there shooting the band someone nearly stepped on me. And suddenly I was surrounded by professional photographers and video cameras. Apparently they where following some important guy around. Being so close I took the liberty to snap an image of this person as well.

Maybe I am utterly ignorant, but I must admit that I don’t know who this person is. Or what band was playing. Anyone out there that recognize these people? Should I have known them?

Frankfurt Airport Concert – need some help…

Airbus A380 over Oslo

Okay. So I didn’t bring my 70-200 f4 L IS, but I managed to get a couple of shots with my 60mm. The plane passed over Oslo in very nice weather. Pretty impressive and a plane of that size seems to fly so unbelievably slow!

They’re here in hope of gaining some ice on the plane while taking off tomorrow morning. Testing. Just testing. We don’t see many regular jumbos here in Oslo and I guessFrom time to time we see the 747 Jumbo Jet here in Oslo but this huge guest won’t frequent our airport in the near future.

Airbus A380 over Oslo

NetCamp – Presentation and images

First of all I want to say thank you to the organizers, the speakers and the audience. Great people. I learnt a lot during the conference and had a great time in Bucharest. Both of the speakers dinners and all the socializing between sessions where very rewarding. And I learnt that in Romania there are two utterly evil Pigeons that want to end the world. Fantastic.

In the image: Hugh MacLeod

Unfortunately I didn’t have the time to attend all the sessions. When speaking at conferences there’s always some time spent preparing, talking to journalists and answering questions. But I managed to attend some of the sessions close to the one I was speaking in and experienced the entertaining and interesting session from Mr. Hugh MacLeod about social objects and the secret of the Kula.

Miel Van Opstal gave valuable advice regarding social media, marketing, and the very important word FRAM. Friend Spam. You know. All those irritating invites and all that crap. From your own friends.

In the image: Miel Van Opstal

Mr. Rodrigo Schultz shared his experience creating a successful company: don’t talk to venture capitalists. If they really knew what was going on they would have been entrepeneurs. Wouldn’t they? And scale your system. On the internet you can go from utterly unknown to utterly known in a matter of minutes. And remember that you’re global from day one.

In the image: Rodrigo Schultz

Measuring by the response from the audience, comments here on eirikso and the people I have talked to it seems like my presentation was very popular as well. I appreciate that. It’s always difficult to know what will be the right focus depending on the audience. My presentation is now up on slideshare. My style leaves most of the information to what I am saying on stage, but I have included relevant links to give it value even for the people that didn’t attend. I did 85 slides in exactly 36 minutes.

You find my Flickr set here and the same images on SmugMug here. On SmugMug you can buy the originals for professional use as well. And please let me know if anyone want high resolution copies for non commercial or personal use.

On my way to the airport I was lucky enough to get a quick ride through parts of town. Snapping some images and finally having a glimpse of more than the Howard Johnson and the traffic jam from the airport. Guess I’ll have to come back to Romania during summer some time!

NetCamp – Presentation and images