Vote for my image on this weeks Wired photo contest

This week they’re running a contest with images of food. So I submitted this one:

“One mistake and this turns into scrambled eggs”

If you like it you can click yourself over to Wired and vote it up. Right now (as of June 30. @15:15 CET) it is at top. w00t! 🙂

And by the way, you can only submit one vote.

Vote for my image on this weeks Wired photo contest

The irony

I’m using Feedburner to insert occational ads to my feed and to the end of some of my blog posts. It’s mainly part of the experimenting I do here on I want experience with adsense, feedburner, affiliate programs and so on. And sometimes it adds a bit of fun that I don’t have complete control of the ads that show up.

My last article asked the question “Where’s the big money?”

One of my readers sends me a screenshot where the ad has answered the question.

Screenshot of interesting ad

I don’t know if you have noticed, but with my last redesign I removed the adsense ads. Maybe it’s time to remove the feedburned ads as well. Actually I have no problem covering the $39 pr. month of hosting costs that I have on my virtual private server by running ads on this site. But my main income is knowledge from my readers, valuable contacts and secondary income in form of invitations to speaking gigs. Adding up to much more than the 2-3 dollars a day I can make with a very moderate amount of ads on the site.

What do you think? Should I remove all ads or are they non intrusive enough to stay?

The irony

Web TV is a hit. So where’s the big money?

Regular readers have noticed that I have had way too much to do lately. How would you know? Because this blog has been updated about once a week this spring. I don’t like that because I love the community of people reading this publication and all the interesting people I meet because of my blog. I have absolutely no plan of discontinuing, so hang in there. I will keep on posting interesting stuff here.

Still, I can recommend subscribing to the feed or email update. As you understand you won’t be overloaded…

Right now I popped by to give you a link. To an article that I find very interesting. And yes, that’s where the headline for this post was stolen: Web TV is a hit. So where’s the big money?

(Found it via gapingvoid on Twitter)

Web TV is a hit. So where’s the big money?

Free music for your productions

Audio recorder power button

Recently I asked my twitter friends if they had any favourite places for finding music that can be used in podcasts and productions on the internet. Here’s the result:

About 10 000 albums. Lots of creative commons licensed. Modern design. Pretty good search and useful tag cloud.

Fantastic search engine that you can feed with some of your own music to let it find similar music. And narrow your search to give Creative Commons licensed music.

Lots of creative commons licensed music.

Podsafe music from Uhørt
Lots of creative commons licensed music and even soundtracks.

Wikimedia Commons
Large archive of images, video and audio.

And of course a regular creative commons search.

Some free sound effects:
Partners in rhyme
Mediacollege sound effects

You can find more resources through Podsafe on wikipedia. And please feel free to add your favourite sites in the comments.

Thanks, @forteller, @mvcoile, @viskar, and @Ingwii. All of them people that I highly recommend you to follow on twitter! In addition to the fact that you follow me of course…

Free music for your productions

What to do if you are nervous when presenting
Photo: Borut Peterlin / Mladina

The quick answer: tell the audience!

An actor once told me that it’s only one thing that’s worse than being nervous on stage. And that’s sitting in the audience watching a nervous person on the stage. Knowing that sounds scary. But it’s not. It means that the audience want you to feel fine. They feel sorry for you and want to do everything they can to help you.

So, I want to add something to that last part. The thing that’s worse than being nervous on stage is sitting in the audience watching a person that tries to hide the fact that he or she is nervous. It’s the hiding and pretending that’s bad for the audience. Be honest. Be yourself.

Through the last 10 years I’ve done a lot of presentations. Experience will make you less nervous. But from time to time you’ll encounter a situation where you feel nervous. You’re experienced, but this is the first time you speak to 2500 people. This is the first time you present in another language than your own. This is the first time you present for a small room filled with 10 important executives. The stage felt bad and the lights hit you right in the face. And so on.

First of all, you should know that the audience won’t see it if you’re slightly nervous. I’ve had presentations where I felt uncomfortable, but judging the response the audience didn’t notice anything.

Then, if you suddenly start feeling really nervous. Struggeling to find your words. Getting too hot. Feeling really uncomfortable. Then simply tell the audience.

“Wow, you’re a highly competent audience and suddely I started feeling nervous.”

You won’t believe how much tension that removes. Both from you and from the audience. And if you manage to be even slightly funny when stating that you’re nervous it will work even better.

“I’m sorry. I’ve gone thorugh this presentation a hundred times at home, but unfortunately I don’t have a huge stage with 2000 kilowatts of light in my living room. This made me more nervous than I expected.”

Some more presentation advice from earlier articles:

Essential equipment for your presentation

Two essential tricks in powerpoint

How to make illustrations even if you can’t draw

How to avoid making boring presentations

Happy presenting! And as always, I have to recommend presentationzen for more on this topic.

What to do if you are nervous when presenting

Invites to Medioh!


I am currently trying out a video aggregation service called Medioh. And I have a couple of invites for the people that would like to try it out. The only thing I ask for is that after you get the invite you test the service and give me some feedback on what you think. I must admit that I am not really impressed yet, but have only given the site a couple of minutes.

And how do you get the invite? Post a comment here asking for one. Use the email you want the invite sent to when posting the comment. Emails are not published and I will never spam you.

Medioh gives you a possibility of searching for and subscribing to videos across the web. Not tied to only one site. You find more information about Medioh here.

Invites to Medioh!