How to be successful on the internet – roundup

Time for a little recap of my posts about what to have in mind when you plan this new fantastic web service. This is what you should put on a yellow post-it note:

Make it available and remember the long tail.

Communication channel. Not only a distribution channel.

Metadata, tags, RSS, widgets and descriptions.

Give the users control.

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How to be successful on the internet – roundup

How to be successful on the internet – part 3

We’ve been through content and conversation. Today I have a short note about:


In this world of infinite content you need context. In the form of metadata describing your content. In the form of tags. RSS feeds, widgets. All possible tools you can think of so that people find you and understand what you are up to.

On YouTube you are not even allowed to choose the file to upload before you give it a title, description, tags and a category. A video on YouTube with no metadata is wasted space on their hard drives.

Context makes it easier for people to find your content. On your site. And through Google.

And context is extremely important when you want people to find you down the long tail. Remember, “90 percent of everything is crud“.

Tomorrow I’ll tell you why you should loose control.

How to be successful on the internet – part 3