Presentation and images from EBU Connect 2007

I have published my presentation from EBU Connect 2007 on SlideShare. You find it embedded in this article as well. If you read this blog in an RSS reader you have to jump to and view the post there to get the full picture…

I have tried to include relevant links in the presentation. I will also try to post more articles on the content during the next couple of weeks. Trying to make the presentation interesting for the people that didn’t attend as well.

You find the full photo set over on SmugMug. And at this point a quick flashback to Croatia 2006 could be interesting as well.

As you can see, I have abandoned Gallery on my own site in favour of Flickr. I will get back with some thoughts on this.

…and now it seems like Flickr is out and SmugMug is in.

Presentation and images from EBU Connect 2007