Entertain your kids with the navigation system

Nokia N95 running TomTom Navigator

Our four year old son has been very interested in the navigation system I am running while we’re out driving. He leans over to follow it closely and it’s actually great entertainment for a little boy that sometimes finds it boring to drive for hours…

I am running TomTom Navigator on my Nokia N95. I have tried a lot of different navigation systems and TomTom is by far the best one. Everything else I’ve tried looks and handles ridiculous in comparison. A quick disclaimer here is the fact that I think It’s so amazingly good that I’ve even bought a tiny bit of shares in TomTom.

Because the N95 is equiped with video out it was fairly easy to enhance the entertainment effect of my navigation system. The video output can be used for more than utterly stupid experiments.

I simply connected it to my son’s small DVD screen. Wow! Seven inches of pure joy for the small ones in the back. Changing view, colors and the language of the navigation voice keeps them happy.

Running the navigation system for the kids

You need a Nokia with video out, a navigation system running on your nokia, a DVD system or screen for the kids with video in and a couple of cables. And some slightly geeky kids.

Nokia Video Cable
The Nokia video cable (no, you can’t use any A/V-cable)

Video Cable
The video and audio input cable for the screen.

RCA connectors to splice the two.

And there you are…

Entertain your kids with the navigation system