Prize winning documentary in Democracy Player

The Corporation is available in Democracy Player. It’s the winner of 24 international awards, 10 of them audience choice awards including the audience award for documentary in world cinema at the 2004 Sundance Film Festival.

The Corporation explores the nature and spectacular rise of the dominant institution of our time. Footage from pop culture, advertising, TV news, and corporate propaganda, illuminates the corporation’s grip on our lives. Taking its legal status as a “person” to its logical conclusion, the film puts the corporation on the psychiatrist’s couch to ask “What kind of person is it?” Provoking, witty, sweepingly informative, The Corporation includes forty interviews with corporate insiders and critics – including Milton Friedman, Noam Chomsky, Naomi Klein, and Michael Moore – plus true confessions, case studies and strategies for change.

Install Democracy Player and subscribe to this feed. It’s a large file and will take hours to download, but what else should your computer do at night?

Prize winning documentary in Democracy Player

A cheap portable DVD and DivX player

Thomson DTH620
Thomson DTH 620
Travelling with kids can be anything from very rewarding and fun to a complete nightmare. Kids are in general very curious and easy to please as things happen around them on the way to a new destination. You always have the traditional games of spotting and counting special objects, following the map, telling stories etc.. If you combine these methods with some new technologies like MP3-players, iPods and portable DVD-Players you could end up managing even quite long trips with no problems.

I have written about the long plane ride and the iPod. In our car we have used a ridiculously cheap little LCD that I bought on eBay connected to my video iPod to show movies. Now the youngest one is old enough to understand what’s going on and we needed a second screen. I don’t want anything very expensive lying around in my car, so I went completely against my own rules of buying quality goods and bought a cheap portable DVD player as the second monitor. I haven’t put it on any hard tests yet, but it seems to fit in perfectly well in our media system in the car.

Thomson DTH 620 connectorsQuick specs:
– 7 inch widescreen
– DVD Player
– Supports DivX, Xvid, MP3, WMA
– Composite video out
– Stereo audio out
– Digital audio out
– Composite video in
– Stereo audio in
– Two headphone connectors
– A three hour battery

It connected to the old Eddie Bauer LCD with no problems. The old screen is NTSC only, but you can choose what signal the DTH620 will transmit on the video output.

So, pop in a DVD in the Thomson player, connect it to another screen as well, and you have the movie on both of them.

LCD screen connected to an iPod VideoConnect it to the video output on your video iPod and you suddenly have a 7 inch portable screen for your iPod. The battery life of the screen is three hours. Probably longer when you use it as a screen only (as long as your iPod provides the video the built in DVD player in the DTH 620 is at rest).

The fact that it plays DivX and Xvid is very nice. I encode my DVDs using AutoGK and end up with between 5 and 10 complete movies on one data DVD (450-700 mb pr. movie is more than enough for this little screen). The DTH620 shows a list of what’s on the DVD and let you choose movie. And I can fit in enough MP3 music and audio books for a veeeery long trip on one DVD as well.

The only problem I have found so far is that I can’t figure out how to get the right aspect on DivX movies that is encoded in true 16/9. It seems like the player only support anamorphic 16/9. Using AutoGK to encode I fix this by hitting Ctrl-F9 to bring up the “hidden options” and check off “.aspect” – Override input AR – Original. Then AutoGK will make a nice anamorphic 16/9-movie that plays fine on the DTH620.

I also miss a loop-through possibility that would let me input video from my iPod and loop it further on to the next screen. To feed both screens with one iPod I need to split the signal (not good) or buy an active video splitter. Anyway, right now the youngest boy wants to look at Teletubbies while the older one watch Nemo or Madagascar. One from a DVD and one from one of our iPods.

It came with a bag and a strap to mount it on the headrest. As well as a charger and connector for the car. I bought mine in Norway at the sometimes horribly expensive and sometimes very cheap Elkjøp for NOK 1295,- (about $200).

Time will show how long this player will last…

A cheap portable DVD and DivX player

How to get video on to your iPod

iPod Video

The iPod with video playback is not the most impressive portable video player out there. Archos has devices that support both recording and more commonly used video formats. The lovely screen on the Playstation Portable is 16:9 and way better for video. Creative has a nice device as well…

However, the iPod is smaller, more portable, more sexy and something that I actually bring with me. Of course you won’t think of buying limited, low quality television shows from the iTunes Music Store when you can record them with no limitations in high quality for free. You just have to do a quick conversion to get them on to your sexy little player.

I’ll use a DVD as an example.

These are solutions for Windows only. Head over here for a Mac solution.

The free, but a bit slow method:

Convert Video to iPod

Rip the DVD with DVD Decrypter in IFO mode. Encode the movie to high quality Xvid using AutoGK. Transcode the Xvid to QuickTime H.264 using Videora iPod Converter.

Free. You also get a high quality Xvid Rip.

Slow. Not perfectly user friendly.

The around $30 and fast method:

Convert Video iPod 2

Buy and install PQ DVD to iPod Video Converter. Pop the DVD into the drive. Navigate to the movie and hit the “Record” button. Then PQ DVD to iPod Video Converter will convert the movie remarkably fast. This solution will also directly convert the DVR-MS files you record on your Windows Media Center Edition and a lot of other formats as well.

Fast and user friendly. Supports DVR-MS.


Not free.

This one looks promising: DVRBox (Thanks, Mark)
And, I am going to test the new CloneDVD Mobile from the excellent people at SlySoft.

And here is another one that looks promising: ConvertMovie

Pegasys had made another one: TMPG VideoSync

How to get video on to your iPod

MP3 player roundup

Diamond Rio and iPod

The ancient (to the left)
My good old Rio PMP300. Not the first one ever, but the first well known commercial MP3-player ever. 32 MB of on board memory and possible to expand with memory cards. At that point horribly expensive memory cards. Communicates with your computer through the parallell port!

The new one (to the right)
iPod 60GIG. Music, photo and video. Yes, I have managed to turn my mobile phone into a cool device for podcast listening, but there’s no doubt. For convenience, usability, battery life and sound quality. My new iPod’s podcasting capabilities are fantastic. And, I am actually already amazed over the development within the video podcast scene. Already some high quality content out there. Among other stuff, a fun revisit to the Happy Tree Friends. I had nearly forgot about those guys.

I want to play my music both on my iPod and in my Media Center, so after upgrading to iTunes 6 I have stopped buying music at the iTunes music store again. For a while, running iTunes 4 and jHymn to remove the stupid FairPlay DRM I have been a happy customer of iTunes Music Store. Now I’ll have to stick to cool shops like to be able to buy music that will play on all my devices.

Or, I could of course visit my local CD shop and buy the unencrypted masters they still sell over there. Just stay clear of Sony. Or, maybe not. My media center runs AnyDVD, and has actually protected me against evil stuff like the Sony rootkit from day one. (And yes, I know. There are a lot of free music out there that will play on all my devices and that will not infect my machines with evil software, still – I work for the content industry and I actually make sure that I legally own the music I have on my computers and devices.)

Quite interesting actually. As an old mac user, complete gadget freak, above average interested in design and above average interested in music – this is my first iPod. So all hints, links to web sites, tweaks and hacks are welcome! Use the comments.

Right now I have successfully converted a couple of movies using Videora iPod Converter. High quality. Very easy.

Inovix Sport - For kids?

And last but not least – The MP3 player for the kids
I agree with Oyvind, make a huge iPod maxi for the kids. It’s not there yet, so I headed for the sports department. Inovix Sport. 128 MB built in memory and expandable by SD or MMC. Cheap. Built in FM radio. Water resistant. Quite sturdy. Big buttons. No movable parts. Together with a cheap 1 GIG or 512 MB memory card this one is actually quite cool!

MP3 player roundup

A Norwegian movie will be the first Scandinavian movie released on DVD in High Definition!

After reading this (norwegian) post things start to be more official. A cinematographer called “johna” states that a movie he has photographed will be the first Scandinavian movie released in WMVHD. I have an anticipation about the very interesting fact that I will be one of the first persons to have a look at this WMVHD version of the movie.

I promise to post back pretty soon!

A Norwegian movie will be the first Scandinavian movie released on DVD in High Definition!