Music from Amie Street for my subscribers

I have quite a bit of people subscribing to my email update and RSS-feed. The small player from Amie Street that I included in my previous post doesn’t show up in most RSS-readers or email clients. So, for your listening pleasure, here is the link to the player. It will open the player and start playing the first song.

My mistake. I try to always include a link as well when I embed video or players of any sorts in my articles…

Music from Amie Street for my subscribers

AmieStreet – DRM free quality music


You’re a band and want to publish your music. If nobody knows you nobody will buy your music. So your music is worth nothing. And should be free.

When people get interested and want your music it’s worth something.

Meet Amie Street. A music publishing site where the music is free when it is submitted and the price starts increasing as the music gets popular. If it gets really popular the price rise to about one dollar pr. song. About the same as iTunes and other music sites.

The problem is that the music is not filtered by any big record companies and a site like Amie Street is bound to include a bunch of low quality crap. You need systems to guide the users into the good stuff. Well, Amie Street has included a cool recommendation system with a reward.

When you buy credits at the site you will get a certain amount of recommendations. If you find a good song that still is pretty cheap and recommend it at this low price you will get a reward as the price increase. The reward is new credits that you can use to buy music at Amie Street.

I have played around with the site and actually found quite a bit of quality music. When you buy music you can download it as many times as you want or play it directly from the site. The music is DRM free MP3 that will play on all portable players etc…

Here is some of the stuff that I found:,8128,5526,3674,3671,3670,3444,3025,1911,1819,1708,1188,788,664,355,351,159,158,157&autoplay=false

Update: Link to the player.

On my computer the songs play in full length because I have bought them. On other computers I guess it will only play excerpts.

Now, if they could do something with the overall look of the site and the player…

AmieStreet – DRM free quality music