eirikso in the news

Yesterday I was quoted in the biggest financial newspaper in Norway, Dagens Næringsliv. An article about the fact that people are buying equipment for consume of online media like never before. And the fact that they actually spend time on online content.

I am telling them something close to what I wrote about here. If you are talking about the death of TV you first need to define what you mean about TV. I also told them that for very large live events reaching millions of people in High Definition we still have problems with distribution on the internet.

To put it short, the future traditional television broadcasting will be more about large live events in high quality. For that kind of content a platform that won’t break down regardless of the amount of people turning on their equipment is still the best one.

But for a large quantity of the content that we broadcast through traditional channels today we’ll see a shift to the fact that people use the internet to access it in different ways.

For me, the most interesting thing about the article is the company they have put me in on the page with the images. There you have it. Me, the chief executive of the Norwegian Broadcasting corporation and the chief executive of Norwegian TV2. To put it short. The two most powerful persons in the media industry in Norway, and the author of this small publication called eirikso.com

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eirikso in the news