The two dice calendar problem

I bought this calendar in Marrakesh last month. You show the date by aligning the two special dices the right way, and the month by aligning one of three small wooden bricks at the bottom. Four sides times three bricks equal twelve months. But the interesting thing is the two dices.

The question is, how would you place numbers on them to be able to show all the dates from 01 to 31 ?

One of my most popular articles ever is a complicated mathematical experiment, so maybe there are someone out there that find this small challenge interesting.

The usual layout for a dice would be like this:

Or simply like this:

But if you try to use two dices like that to show dates between 1 and 31 you would get some trouble at once. The lowest number you can show is 11. You need 0. And you don’t have 7,8 and 9…

So my question is: could you describe the layout on the two dices in my calendar from Marrakesh? You can answer through a comment here or a trackback to your own blog. Simply use the same kind of number layout that I used above to show a standard dice.

I’ll get back here with the answer. I don’t operate with deadlines on, but how about this? The sixth article from now will be the answer. I usually post two or three articles each week, so expect the answer in two or three weeks. Or, as soon as someone post a comment with the right layout.

The two dice calendar problem