Reversed Search Engine Optimization

(Image: Stockholm Sunset, HDR style)

A couple of years ago I wrote a very short note here on Mostly because I wanted to remember the name and address of a very nice restaurant I visited in Stockholm. When posting the note to my blog I realised I had spelled Stockholm wrong. I wrote “Stocholm”.

This error turned into what I would call RSEO, or reversed search engine optimization. The point is that ever since that error I have recieved traffic from google on that note. Traffic from people searching for “travel advice stocholm“. I fixed the typo in the headline, but the URL still says stocholm. And I think I’ll leave it that way. That typo gives me traffic.

The lesson learned is that you might want to tag your articles with a couple of typos as well. The next time I write an article about Stockholm I will stay away from typos in the article itself, but I will for sure tag it with both stockholm, stocholm, stokholm etc

And by the way, I can still recommend that restaurant. I visited it again after speaking at the Social Media and User Generated Content conference in Stockholm a couple of weeks ago. If you like luxury italian food and great wines, go ahead and visit Divino. Unfortunately they have one of those irritating flash based-impossible-to-link-to-with-popups-web-site. But again, the food and service is great! And because you don’t want to visit their site, here’s what you need: Karlav├Ągen 28, Tel: +46-8-611 02 69.

Reversed Search Engine Optimization