Happy new year!


Welcome to a whole lot of new readers and followers on Twitter. Due to the overwhelming success of my video showing 2008 in a couple of seconds.

So far the video has been viewed 1,087,240 times on YouTube. 10,312 ratings and 9,579 comments. On Vimeo it has 314,193 views. It has been aired at ABC in San Francisco and been featured on countless web sites and blogs. I’ll get back to the details about that video later. I’m learning a lot by following how it spreads through the net, what people comment about, how people use it an so on. Tuesday 30th was most busy. Giving 28,350 page views and 20,708 unique visitors to this blog. I cranked my Dreamhost PS up to 4 GB RAM for this period of time and it handled the traffic fine.

Wrapping up 2008 on eirikso.com. 252,828 Absolute Unique Visitors spending 1 minute and 40 seconds in average on my site. Since I started using Statcounter back in 2005 a whopping 2,090,757 people have visited eirikso. And according to Google Analytics this is my most popular articles in 2008 (you find the 2008 page views in parentheses):

1. The Media Center Software List (169,361)
2. Direct hit to eirikso.com (35,709)
3. Free high quality streaming of movies and tv shows (30,584)
4. One year worth of images give some amazing videos (21,457)
5. Test clips from panasonic hdc sd5 (13,079)
6. How to program the buttons on your mce remote (12,593)
7. HTPC frontend roundup (12,481)
8. Pandora plugin for windows media center (9,349)
9. How to completely reset your series 60 nokia mobile (7,880)
10. They stole an image of my son and just had to pay $4000 (6,467)
11. HDR-photography (6,239)
12. An impressive yet simple photographic effect (5,649)
13. Perfect adjustment of your LCD (5,600)
14. TVedia an amazing networked media frontend (4,922)
15. Home theatre PC links roundup (4,893)
16. Web browser for media center edition (4,824)
17. Record your pandora streaming radio (4,674)
18. Canon EOS 400D – experience after one week (4,418)
19. Highpad media control pda remote for windows media center (3,867)
20. Silencing an XFN GeForce 6600gt with a Zalman VF700cu (3,696)
21. How to make illustrations even if you can’t draw (3,635)
22. Test clips from Canon HF10 (3,563)
23. Recommended HTPC hardware (3,299)
24. HDR from one single image (3,275)
25. Time stopped at 10:09 (3,255)

What does this tell me? That pretty boring articles about Home Theatre PCs (HTPC) will give you traffic from Google for years…

Anyway, this is a nice place to give me directions for 2009. What do you want more of? Less of?

Happy new year!

eirikso.com just moved to a new server

So. We’re over at the new server. Now you can start commenting on all the stuff that’s not working. Files that I forgot to move. Plugins that I forgot to install.

Of course I hope everything works out fine. I’m back on Dreamhost, on a “Dreamhost PS”-based server. Meaning that I have my own protected space on one machine. Please let me know if you find my site slow or unstable. It shouldn’t be. At least not in the US. Depending on the traffic over the Atlantic it might be a bit slow here in Europe.

Also, use this post as an excuse to tell me what you would like me to write about! Or throw in a comment just to tell me that you’re out there… According to Feedburner more than 1000 people subscribe to this blog and according to Statcounter something between 1000 and 2000 users are visiting every day. A whopping 1.8 million users have been here since I started using Statcounter back in 2005. But the best motivation is still those good old comments from real readers!

When moving back to Dreamhost I also found that I have five pretty decent invitation codes if you consider them for hosting. The invitation codes will give:
– Up your plan features to 2TB disk and 20TB bandwidth!
– Give $150 off a 5-year signup or $200 off a 10-year signup!

But maybe you would want to wait a couple of weeks. So that I can share my experience with Dreamhost anno 2008 before you select them. They have some very user friendly functions and a very powerful control panel. One click installs, one click upgrades, one click google docs and google mail etc. But that’s all useless if they’re slow and unstable. I’ll get back here with my experience.

Anyway, if you want to use dreamhost right now, comment here and remember to put in a valid email in the form (not in the comment itself) and I’ll send you a code.

eirikso.com just moved to a new server

I’m still here

Regular readers have noticed that this blog hasn’t been updated since the 11th of February. Usually I update eirikso.com a couple of times a week. I’ve had busy days lately. And have been working on some technical changes to this blog as well. And as you can see – I’m experimenting with a new theme. Hope you like it. Thanks, Kim.

And why are you so freakin’ busy?
– My day-job… Lots of exciting things happening over at the Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation (NRK). The people that master the strange language of Norwegian can follow some of the stuff we’re working on over at NRKbeta.

But as you can see, I’ve finished some cleaning of this place and will be able to start posting more often again. Feel free to comment on the new theme, the fact that you don’t speak Norwegian and would like me to post more about the NRK in English and whatever…

I’m still here

More design experiments

I had some issues with the design I implemented earlier this summer so I went ahead and found a new one. Then I moved all the tailored code and spent some late evenings having fun with CSS, HTML and PHP. You should see the result in this blog right now.

Please click around and have a look. I still have some issues in Internet Explorer 6 (surprise!). If you use that browser I apologize. I will probably do some more adjustments, but the real solution is to switch to Firefox, Safari or Opera…

The current theme is based on a theme called Durable from Blaze New Media. Or, to be precise, it’s based on the widget ready version of that theme.

As you can see I have done quite a bit of adjustments and will probably keep experimenting. Feel free to comment on any errors, change requests etc.

More design experiments

What I’ve been up to

Vacation. Yes, in Norway most of us can enjoy about five weeks of vacation each year. Spending some of it during winter, but usually most during summer.

This time I’ve had fun in the mountains.

And what’s up on eirikso.com? I am working on a lot of details with my new design and my new host. But I also have a lot of interesting articles in my list of drafts. I am geeky enough to include some technology in my vacation. You can expect an article about navigation systems and how they’re excellent entertainment for your geeky kid.

And as some of you might have noticed already. An article about my recent experiments with HDR photography.

And of course a lot more. I’m not spending hours on redesign and a a new host because this blog will be less interesting in the coming months!

What I’ve been up to

Installing reCAPTCHA on eirikso.com

Everyone running a fairly popular blog knows about the problem with comment spam. To put it short, bad people polute the comment forms on blogs to spread links and commercial info about their products or web sites.

I have been using several plugins to fight the spam, but lately the preassure from the “spam bots” have increased to a level where it puts preassure on the server I am running. I don’t like to let my readers down by making it difficult to comment, but I am now forced to install a small trick to verify that it is real people and not a robot that tries to leave a comment.

I have decided to put the small piece of work you have to do when you verify yourself into a good cause by using the reCaptcha plugin to verify real humans.

A CAPTCHA is a program that can tell whether its user is a human or a computer. You’ve probably seen them — colorful images with distorted text at the bottom of Web registration forms. CAPTCHAs are used by many websites to prevent abuse from “bots,” or automated programs usually written to generate spam. No computer program can read distorted text as well as humans can, so bots cannot navigate sites protected by CAPTCHAs.

From now on you will have to write down two words from an image when leaving comments. When you do that two things happen:

1. You have verified for eirikso.com that you are human
2. You have helped digitizing a book

Yes. A good cause. You find the details here. And to put that page short:

reCAPTCHA asks commenters to read two words from a book. One of these words proves that they are a human, not a computer. The other word is a word that a computer couldn’t read. Because the user is known to be a human, the reading of that word is probably correct. So you don’t get comment spam, and the world gets books digitized. Everybody wins!

So, feel good when you put in that extra bit of work to be able to comment!

Installing reCAPTCHA on eirikso.com

Up and running!

Moving eirikso
It seems like the name servers around the net have updated and that most of you now can view my new and refreshed eirikso.com

The design is based on Recycled Canvas, but heavily modified by the utterly talented Henrik Lied. Credit also goes to the always helpful Kim Erlandsen and Mr. problem fixer Trond Isaksen.

I am still running this site on WordPress. Using Flickr to publish images and Revver to publish videos.

I have also changed hosting company. I wasn’t completely satisfied with the speed and stability from Dreamhost. So I am trying out A2 Hosting. So far they seem faster and more reliable.

I still have a lot of details that need adjustment. Feel free to comment about any issues or suggestions you have regarding my new design.

Up and running!