Blogres 2007 – Presentation and images


Yes, all the images and my presentation is online. Here’s the short story:

I just returned from a very nice weekend in Ljubljana where I was the keynote speaker at Blogres 2007. A very successful Slovenian conference on blogging. Huge amounts of credit to Renderspace for the arrangement and the hospitality and the aucience for interesting discussions.

I go to a lot of conferences and very often they are influenced by the fact that people send senior workers and leaders to them because they have been with the company for a long time and deserve a trip to a conference. At Blogres 2007 it was a young, interested and enthusiastic audience. Mostly Slovenian bloggers, but also representatives from different companies and Slovenian media. I was also interviewed by Slovenian national TV and a Slovenian magasine. I’ll get back to that if I manage to dig up some links.

After my keynote speech I also attended Nicolas Fermont’s interesting presentation about creating a snowboard community and Michael Manske’s funny and oh-so-familiar presentation about how foreign media cover Slovenia. I am from a small country myself and could really understand the frustration.

In general I found Ljubljana a very nice place to visit. Slovenians seem more organized than the Italians and less eastern european than the Croatians (and don’t get me wrong, I really like both Italians and Croatians as well).

Glasses, bottle, glass

People in Ljubljana in general speaks very good english, they have excellent (and for a Norwegian very cheap) food and beverages.


Slovenia is even smaller than Norway regarding population. They’re about 2 million and we’re about 4.5 million. But there are a lot of similarities. I could understand a lot of the challenges regarding what you face when you’re small country with a small language and your own very special culture.


And, Slovenia is nearly as high tech as Scandinavia. More than 1.7 million mobile phones and pretty good coverage of broadband.

Going down

And of course I shouldn’t forget arts and nice architecture…

I have published my presentation on SlideShare with links to relevant articles.

I also snapped a lot of images. Some from the conference and quite a bit from the city of Ljubljana. You find the complete Flickr set here.

The party

I am verry sorry for the fact that I took the good weather to Norway when I left. I had a fantastic weather during my stay, but it started raining the second I entered the taxi to the airport.


But don’t be afraid. I’ll come back to Slovenia. That’s for sure!

Blogres 2007 – Presentation and images