More on Jeff Han and the touch screen

Quite a bit of talk about touch screens these days. But this is seriously cool technology, so here is a detailed article about Jeff Han and a new video where he demonstrate his amazing multi touch screen:

At summer camp, Jeff hot-wired golf carts for nocturnal joy rides and fixed fellow campers’ busted Walkmen in exchange for soda pop. He studied violin “like any good Asian kid.” He was 12 when he built his first laser.

As mentioned here before I met Jeff Han and was able to test his screen during Siggraph in Boston last year. I can only confirm that the screen is just as amazing as it looks like in this video!

Link to video.

(Via Applied Abstractions.)

More on Jeff Han and the touch screen

The iPhone and the multi touch screen

Oyvind over at Brilliantdays has a very interesting theory about the multi touch screen on the new iPhone and the fantastic multi touch screen that Jeff Han has been demonstrating around the world.

Oyvind thinks that this technology will be incorporated in the next generation of Apple screens and laptops.

Only a theory, but read his article in detail. Why did so many people from Apple visit this particular post after he wrote it? And what about the comment over at Jefferson Han’s web site?

When I saw this video on YouTube and had a glimpse of how Phil Schiller zooms in on an image on the Phone I can’t believe that this has nothing to do with Jeff Han’s technology.

I tried Jeff’s screen at Siggraph in Boston last year. The image zoom works exactly as it is done by Mr. Schiller in the CBS video. I must admit that the technology is some of the most amazing I have ever tested. It worked extremely well and gave an immediate feel of the navigation.

This is a short video I shot in Boston while testing the screen and talking to Jefferson Han.

The iPhone and the multi touch screen