Experimenting with Lightbox for WordPress

Most of the pictures in this blog are thumbnails with a bigger version of the picture behind it. If you click the picture it will simply open the large version in a blank page.

There is a nice java script based plugin for WordPress that gives a bit of extra functionallity for pictures. When you click a thumbnail the bigger version will open on top of the same page with the rest of the page “dimmed”.

The question is: what do you think?
Leave a comment here if you have any thoughts…

The plugin seems to automatically work on all pictures in this blog. Click around and have a look. Should I leave it on, or would you like the good old “open-the-picture-in-a-blank-page”…?

You can try it here by clicking on one of these images (you can simply click it again to close it):

Matterhorn and a plane 3883 meters above sea level

Some info about the images. Taken above Zermatt, Switzerland. With a Canon S2 IS.

The one to the left is the top of Matterhorn. Snapped at the right moment when a plane passed by. The one to the right is at the top of Rothorn. 3883 meters above sea level. Move slowly…

Experimenting with Lightbox for WordPress

Cool statistics for your site: Have a mint!


Thanks to Oyvind I have just installed Mint on my server. This gives me very nice statistics from my site. It runs locally and stores the data in a mySQL database on my server. It works in realtime and shows statistics as people browse your site.

One very nice feature is that Mint supports Peppers. Peppers are plugins made by all kinds of very cool people.

Some good peppers:
Referrer Rollup
Gives you a very nice and tidy list of all your referrers

xxx Strong Mint
Show the IP of your visitors

Sparks! visualizes your visitor data.

Adsense Click Pepper
Get valuable info on how people click on your adsense ads

Foreign Pepper
Show where your visitors are coming from

Feedburner Stats Pepper
Show stats and circulation from your Feedburner RSS-feed

Fresh View Pepper
Fresh View uses XML-based SVG to visualize your Mint visitor data.

Google Images Pepper
Tracks hits from Google Images and let you know about the most popular images on your site. This one is supposed to be replaced by the Referrer Filter pepper, but that one did not work on my first install – so I kept the Google Images pepper.

Trends analyzes your website’s usage over a set period of time.

Cool statistics for your site: Have a mint!

Fighting spam in WordPress

A quick update on the situation
I have been using BotCheck to fight comment spam on this site. After a while I realized that BotCheck also killed all trackbacks. So, I deactivated BotCheck and installed “Bad Behavior”.

Still, after a while some spam got through. To prevent that I installed SpamKarma 2. After I installed SpamKarma I have had absolutely no spam, and one single case of a trackback that was stopped unintentionally.

So – basically I am happy as can be. Bad Behaviour + Spam Karma 2 = No Spam

Fighting spam in WordPress

Problems with BotCheck and trackbacks

I just noticed why trackbacks have been failing on my site. The plugin I have been using to prevent comment spam, BotCheck have been stopping trackbacks.

In my quest to solve this someone recommended using a plugin called Bad Behaviour instead.

So, I have just deactivated BotCheck and activated Bad Behaviour. Trackbacks should be back working fine, and I will report back later on how this new plugin prevents both comment spam and trackback spam.

Problems with BotCheck and trackbacks

Utilizing feedburner

I have just started utilizing Feedburner for my site. It is a great tool that let you add functionallity to your RSS feed. Get statistics for your RSS feed and in general help you with your syndication.

One example is the fact that it can make your feed look nice in any browser. Have a look at my feed here. Another is a bunch of predefined buttons for people to use when they want to subscribe. Look at the Yahoo, myMSN, NewsGator etc… in my sidebar to the right.

But, to make use of all the functionallity it is important that all your subscribers use the feed from feedburner.

So, here’s a wish:
All of you out there subscribing to my old feed:

Could you please change your subscription to:

The old one will not stop working, and at some point I will make an automatic redirect to my new feed. But, for those of you that have a minute, please change to the new feed.

For those of you that is wondering what this RSS thing really is, have a look at my introduction to RSS.

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Utilizing feedburner

How to set up a blog

I am currently running several blogs. This one – www.eirikso.com, the hit tracking tool Trendmapper, my Norwegian food blog etc… I have made homepages using flash, I have made them using various web editing tools. I have made them using free blogging tools like Blogger or WordPress.com. I have hosted them at my ISP, I have hosted them at different hosting companies. But right now I have a solution that I really like!

It’s time to sum it all up and tell you what I would have done if I wanted to start a blog from scratch today.

1. You would want to host at a proper web host.
Your ISP gives you crap. Free blogging tools are limited. Go for a blog at a proper host, and you have space to grow in and possibilities to play with.

So what do I choose?
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How to set up a blog