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What’s the problem with your employer?

Next week I am going to do a presentation at a big event for the IT industry in Norway. I am going to talk about new technologies, trends in social media and how consumers and employers gain more control.

About why you should let your employers blog. How IM and social networks can be important tools and so on.

Before I finish my presentation I would like to hear what my readers have to say. Do you have any stories to share?

Am I the only one with the “mailbox is over the size limit”-problem at work?

Are they banning certain sites or services?

Do you feel that you have the tools and flexibility you need?

Is it good for your CV to have a popular blog?

Any thoughts you might have!

You can be completely anonymous when posting comments here. There will be a lot of CTOs and CEOs in the audience. Let us teach them how we want to work.