Article in the norwegian newspaper Aftenposten

Because of a reference in an article in the norwegian newspaper Aftenposten, I felt I had to do a short update of my page… 🙂 You can read the article (in Norwegian) here: Aftenposten – PVR

I am now running the following software on my PVR:

Operating system: Windows XP PRO SP1
The main PVR-functionallity: Beyond TV 3.4.4
Main menu and navigation: myHTPC
Remote control configuration: Girder
Video and DVD player: ZoomPlayer
Music server: J. River Media Center
Music remote control: NetRemote
Picture Viewer: IrfanView

The only visible frontends are myHTPC, BeyondTV and the NetRemote GUI on my PDA. All the other software run invisible in the background serving their needs to show pictures, play music and movies.

Here are some new screenshots.

Article in the norwegian newspaper Aftenposten

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