How to set focus to Meedio

What I wanted to do was to map the FireFly-key on my FireFly-remote to a command that would both set focus and bring Meedio to the foreground (because I have had problems with Meedio loosing focus after changing the volume through Girder).

The SetFocus command in Girder did set the focus, but did not bring the Meedio-window to the foreground.

So I found SendFocus here:

…in this thread in the Girder forum:

I could not access SendFocus.exe properly from Girder, so I made a BAT-file with the following command:
C:ScriptSendFocus.exe “Meedio Essentials”

In Girder I call the BAT-file from a Execute command found under the “O.S.”-tab.

How to set focus to Meedio

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