A short software update

During my recent reinstall I have upgraded some software:

Of course, I am now running Meedio as my media management software. This is an obvious upgrade from myHTPC. Meedio is one extremely powerful piece of software and gives perfect functionallity for a serious HTPC.

The Meedio team has not released a complete version of their PVR-module, Meedio TV. So, I am still running BeyondTV 3.5 for my PVR functionallity. Meedio TV sounds promising. It will be interesting to test it when it is released in a full version.

I have also changed my remote control. I am now using a Snapstream FireFly. Works very well together with Girder.

I am still running J River Media Center to control my music and have installed a plugin for Meedio that plays all my music through JRMC.

A short software update

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