The touch screen is now mounted in the kitchen

I have not found a suitable front cover, so it still looks like
something I found laying around in a space shuttle… But, it works!

I have set it up with Meedio to give me music, weather, news, web radio, Skype IP-phone and X10-control from our kitchen.

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The telephone on top of the machine is connected to a PhoneConnector USB-device and works quite well directly through Skype.

I will come back with more info on details about the setup. Both about the software and the silent cooling of the kiosk-PC inside the home made cabinet on the wall.

Sent from: Eirik Solheim

The touch screen is now mounted in the kitchen

7 thoughts on “The touch screen is now mounted in the kitchen

  1. Rick Weiss says:


    I saw your post on the Meedio forum about using NetRemote with JRiver. Are you also doing anything to remote Meedio?

    I’m also interested in what touchscreen panel you’re using? It appears that you have a PC behind it, so it’s just a display. Is that correct?



  2. Right now my only remote directly to Meedio is my SnapStream Firefly. I am waiting for the Meedio team to finish the HouseBot plugin, so that we can get proper remote control from other devices.

    However, the music I play within Meedio is played through J River. And, since I control J River from NetRemote, it looks like I am controlling (at least the music) Meedio from NetRemote.

    The touch screen is something that I bought on eBay. It is an 800×600 touch panel with a 400 MHz Celeron powered PC behind it. It is barely poweful enough to run Meedio and NetRemote…

    I am still experimenting, and right now I am working on how to control X10-units from the touch screen. I can do this both from Meedio and from NetRemote.

  3. Felix says:

    Erik & Administrator,
    I ran into this site and got to know the Touch screen-monitor is interesting to me.
    Can you please let me know the company name who installed the machine in kitchen.

  4. I am afraid I don’t have much information to give you. The machine with the touch screen was bought second hand on eBay and the cabinet is something that I built myself.

  5. Captain Chaos says:

    Looks very nice!

    I have done something similar with an ELO 14″ touchscreen mounted in my living room. It doesn’t look as professional as your installation eirikson.

    2 questions:

    1) What X10 devices are you using and what function;
    2) Have you come across any way of being able to split the functionality within Meedio to send the movie output to a seperate device (i.e. I want Meedio to run on my touchscreen but movies to play on my TV. I’ve searched high and low but with no luck as yet…)


  6. 1. I have only done some simple tests with X10, using a couple of lamp modules do turn on, off and adjust lights. In addition to this I have tested a simple switch to be able to turn on and off things like our coffee machine etc.

    2. I have not used this device to actually play back the video. I have another computer attached to my TV. To use the touch screen as a remote control I used NetRemote. That way I can find what I want on the touch screen and start the playback on the main media center in our living room.

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