Update on the RSS-problem in WordPress

The very kind lucero at the WordPress support forum posted a fix for the problem with norwegian characters:

echo utf8_encode(html_entity_decode($title));

instead of echo $title;

in wp-includes/feed-functions.php line 12

will fix this problem.

Fantastic! It solved the problem with norwegian characters breaking the feed. If I now could get some more feed readers to accept my feeds everything would be fine! Right now Mozilla Thunderbird is the only reader that accept the feeds… I have no idea why. This was not a problem with my MovableType blogs.

I need to find a solution!

Update on the RSS-problem in WordPress

RSS problems in WordPress

Well, at the point where I thought WordPress was the way to go I have just discovered that the RSS-feeds for my blogs is completely useless:

1. The only reader that I have found that will accept them is Mozilla Thunderbird. That is a very nice software, but I have to support something more than that!

2. The feeds crash completely if I add a norwegian character to the subject of a post.

I hope this is possible to solve!

Follow the support stuff here:

RSS-feed for the support thread:

Anyone out there with a suggestion?

RSS problems in WordPress

HTPC-Backgrounds – Remote

I have transfered my old HTPC-backgrounds from an old Blogger-page. You find the rest of the backgrounds in this blog by searching for “HTPC-Backgrounds” or just looking under the category “design”.

I am no longer using ShowShifter as my PVR-software, but the backgrounds can be used in any software that supports custom backgrounds. Just use the “clean” version if you are not using ShowShifter.

A closeup of the remote of an ADB Digital TV Set Top Box.

Full size version:

Clean version:
Clean version “Remote.jpg”

HTPC-Backgrounds – Remote

How to install NewsGator MCE in Meedio

There is a simple way to install NewsGator for MCE in Meedio. The only functionality that I can not get to work is to let NewsGator remember my login and password (now fixed, see note further down), and to play media files from feeds that include these types of files. I can see that NewsGator runs a command called “doPlayMedia” in explorer when I try to play video. I have no idea if it is possible to let the video open in mediaplayer or something like that.

Click here for the original picture

Update feb. 16 2005

I have now found the solution to the login problem.

The problem was the URL I have used:

So, as you can see, no matter how much the password is stored in a cookie, I still actually ask for the login page…

So, I changed the URL that I launch from Meedio to:

…and I don’t have to login every time!

This is how you configure NewsGator MCE for Meedio:

1. Create a Program Module

2. Program to launch: Internet Explorer
(Most likely: “C:Program FilesInternet Exploreriexplore.exe”)

3. Parameters:
“-k http://www.newsgator.com/ngs/subscriber/mce/feeds.aspx”
(Edited from: “-k http://www.newsgator.com/ngs/subscriber/mce/login.aspx”)

Of course you also have to make an account with NewsGator at http://www.newsgator.com (The free account is enough).

…and you are done!

Sent from: Eirik Solheim

How to install NewsGator MCE in Meedio

The touch screen is now mounted in the kitchen

I have not found a suitable front cover, so it still looks like
something I found laying around in a space shuttle… But, it works!

I have set it up with Meedio to give me music, weather, news, web radio, Skype IP-phone and X10-control from our kitchen.

Click here for the original picture

The telephone on top of the machine is connected to a PhoneConnector USB-device and works quite well directly through Skype.

I will come back with more info on details about the setup. Both about the software and the silent cooling of the kiosk-PC inside the home made cabinet on the wall.

Sent from: Eirik Solheim

The touch screen is now mounted in the kitchen