The Venetian

The Venetian

Originally uploaded by eirikso.

Just testing the blog functionallity from flickr. The picture is taken inside The Venetian Hotel in Las Vegas. A truly insane place.

I have been in Venice in Italy and was somewhat disapointed because I found it too crowded with tourists (…a strange thing to say, as I visited Venice as a tourist myself – but don’t we all want to be the only tourist at the places we visit…?). It was difficult to find people actually living in the city and restaurants made for the people living there. Venice is truly beautiful, and all places that have no cars is kind of tranquil in their own way. Still, I prefer to meet real people and visit real cafes and restaurants when I travel to a city.

…the Venetian in Las Vegas and Venice in Italy have as much in common as a fake Rolex and its real counterpart, still it is kind of interesting to have visited both places.

The Venetian

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