Huge interest for my new website

I am very happy to announce that very interesting people find my new website facinating. Here is a list of some people that has written about it lately:

John Battelle
Seth Godin
Ewan Williams
Peter Davidson
The Centered Librarian
BidOptima Blog

It is a big motivation to see that people find my experiment interesting. I am working hard to keep the system running, and have done some major improvements on stability, backup routines and performance. I hope that I manage to keep the site open for new words so that everybody can benefit from my little hack.

Huge interest for my new website

4 thoughts on “Huge interest for my new website

  1. Trendmapper is such a simple idea but very useful, well done! The addition of thumbnail images and RSS feeds just makes it even better.

    I’ll be checking back regularly for updates, good luck with the development of the site.


  2. Thank you for your support. I will work hard to improve Trendmapper. Yes, the basic idea is very simple. I’ll see what I can do to make it even more interesting… šŸ™‚

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