Why you do not want to show static information on a Plasma screen!

I snapped this picture at the train station at Stansted. One of the worst cases of burn-in I have ever seen. Click the picture for a closer look. This is why a Plasma screen is totally out of the question for my HTPC!

I wonder what the sales persons told the people at the train station when they sold these screens?

“We have these new fantastic flat screens for your train tables. They are only £ 10 000,- a piece and will last for at least two years.”

Why you do not want to show static information on a Plasma screen!

5 thoughts on “Why you do not want to show static information on a Plasma screen!

  1. […] People keeps asking me what I would recommend for a home theatre PC (HTPC). LCD or Plasma? In general I would recommend a good LCD. I know that the problems with burn in have been close to eliminated on te best plasma screens. Still, I find the crisp and clean LCD picture with absolutely no burn in problem preferable. A quick roundup: Cathode Ray Tube (CRT) First of all, it is perfectly OK to use your old tube. A standard cathode ray tube (CRT) connected to a PC through S-Video or even composite video sould work fine if you adjust yor screen card and use a proper media center software. The whole point of these softwares is to give you a front end from your computer that looks good even on low resolution television screens. […]

  2. Neurocache says:

    This reminds me of my retarded school system back when i was in grade school. They refused to use screensavers on all the computers and you could see the obvious results of doing so. The login screen was burned in so bad, when you turned the monitor off you could read the splash screen perfectly.

  3. A. Person says:

    Ive heard about flushing of screens, how pricey I don’t know, but what these services will do for you is flush out the bad plasma, then they will refill it with fresh plasma.

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